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Closing of the annual cycle: Valagro Academy: Banana Project – Chiapas, Mexico

In the framework of the project activities in Chiapas Mexico, the central point was the technical training and the contribution of biostimulation strategies in this crop. The project was composed of the theoretical phase "Valagro Academy" and the practical phase, with visits to different farms in close collaboration with Dr. Prometeo Sánchez (research professor of the Postgraduate School), developing the following topics:

  • Importance of rooting and absorption in banana.
  • Efficient water and fertilizer management in banana.
  • Biostimulation in banana.
  • Nutrition and biostimulation in banana.

These topics were developed during a year, composed of great experiences and learning. In the field visits we had an important contribution from the production managers, Arturo Alfaro, Exal Moreno and Isaías Gonzalez, from the main banana plantations in the region to whom we extend our thanks.