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Valagro strengthens the technology platform GeaPower with the Farmland project in Brazil

In continuation with the group’s initiatives on innovation, Valagro has kicked off the Farmland project in Brazil. With this project, the company further strengthens the implementation of the fourth pillar of GeaPower – its exclusive technology platform for the development of biostimulants – namely, providing cost-effective solutions for the diverse needs of the customers.

The project allows the Field Development team to manage independently the field tests on biostimulants and specialty nutrients in open field in a farm property located in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

The property, managed directly by Valagro, will allow experimentation on a wide variety of crops, with a particular focus on row crops. This enables Valagro to expand and improve its offering of innovative and effective solutions in the field of biostimulants, to meet the needs of the farmers.

In accordance with the attention that Valagro has always paid to its customers, the experimental area will host local training activities and demonstration trials. Furthermore, with a view to the open innovation that has characterized the research activities of the Group, it will promote collaborations with local research institutions.

Once fully operational, the 17-hectare site will provide us the ability to experiment in 3000 plots, with an estimated number of 90 trials per year.