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Valagro now speaks Chinese (as well)

The Chinese version of Valagro’s official website, an important window onto the world’s second largest economy, is now online.
The People’s Republic of China, suspended between an age-old tradition and extraordinary drives towards innovation, is the world’s second largest economy and the first in terms of imports and exports. However, the great economic progress now has to contend with issues of environmental sustainability and health care, which are driving the entire country in the direction of new and deep-seated transformations.
It is a process that has ignited the interest of the Chinese market in companies capable of combining industrial reliability and respect for the environment. Companies just like Valagro, which is committed to offering sustainable alternatives which include not only the nourishment and care of plants. As a result of an ambitious diversification plan, the Valagro Group’s products are now also ingredients of value for animal and human nutrition as well as cosmetics, rendering the company strategic partners for the development of welfare.
And the launch of Valagro's own website in Chinese, alongside the English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian versions, is to be viewed precisely in this context It offers a comprehensive insight into the company, its ideas and its products, and confirms its internationalisation, which began in 1990 and which has slowly extended into Europe, the Americas and the East, as testified by the recent launch of its subsidiary, Valagro Pacific, with offices in New Zealand.
Consequently, the launch of the site in Chinese, at, represents the natural evolution of a company that has always known how to attract the interest of foreign markets because of both its industrial reliability and its approach to truly effective and sustainable scientific innovation.

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Valagro now speaks Chinese (as well)