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VALAGRO, first in europe to register the substance that effectively resolves the problem of iron chlorosis in plants

Valagro, a market leader in the production and marketing of fertilisers with low environmental impact, has filed the REACH registration dossier on the substance Fe(Na3)EDDHSA EC 283-042-4 with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as Lead Registrant. Having fulfilled all of the obligations envisaged by the REACH regulations and having passed the audit trail for the completeness of the dossier, Valagro becomes the first company in Europe to register this substance.

In addition to ensuring the effectiveness of the substance, its safe use and that it fully respects human health and the environment, the registration with ECHA is a further confirmation of the validity and high levels of scientific research conducted by Valagro and reinforces its credentials as a leader in its sector.

Fe(Na3)EDDHSA EC 283-042-4 is, in fact, an iron chelate that can be used as a fertilizer even in organic farming in Europe. It is a substance with a high solubility, which ensures greater effectiveness in counteracting chlorosis, a problem that originates from the failure of roots to absorb iron, which affects some crops such as eating grapes, pear, strawberry, tomato, kiwi and citrus fruits in particular.

REACH registration is the result of Valagro’s continued investment in research and development, to which the company allocates approximately €2 million every year  and  represents more than 2% of its turnover. This is a significant investment, not only in economic terms but also in terms of innovation and sustainability, which are two of the Company’s fundamental cornerstones. – Thanks to its undisputed experience in the sector, Valagro has, in recent years, established itself as a leader in the field of bio-stimulants and chelated microelements, developing innovative and effective solutions for agriculture.

With the registration of Fe(Na3)EDDHSA, the Valagro Group has become a Lead Registrant in Europe for the second time and it is currently working to complete new REACH registrations within a deadline of May 2013.

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