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Syngenta Biologicals on stage at the Biostimulant World Congress in Milan

Syngenta Biologicals, as part of its commitment to shaping the world of agricultural biologicals, participated in the recent Biostimulant World Congress in Milan, one of the major events showcasing the latest trends, innovations and technologies in the world of plant biostimulants.

As one of the main sponsors, Syngenta Biologicals contributed to several important activities. Riccardo Vanelli, Head of Biologicals for EAME at Syngenta, delivered a keynote speech titled "Shaping the Future of Agriculture - Insight from Syngenta Biologicals." The speech provided a glimpse into the needs and pain points experienced by farmers in the current global climatic and economic context, and outlined the company's strategies to meet those needs, driving the agricultural landscape towards productivity and sustainability.

Syngenta Biologicals was also the sponsor of the Farmers Award, a prize rewarding the conscious use of innovative practices and solutions such as biostimulants and biologicals, with a sustainability-oriented approach. The Award this year was given to Mr. Paulo Soczek Dzierwa, a farmer from Fazenda Serrana in the Paranà state, Brazil, for the extraordinary results in the use of biostimulants and the implementation of innovative technologies to manage his farm aimed at reducing operations impact. The award ceremony this year was accompanied by a panel discussion titled "Biostimulants: The Floor to Farmers”, where Mr Ivan Furlanetto, Managing Director at Agricola Sant'Ilario and Operation Manager at INGAM srl discussed his own experiences with the use of PBS for plant health and productivity. Emilio Pirraglia (Global Product Manager yield and quality enhancement) was also present on stage to describe the results of the Soil Health survey conducted by Syngenta, as a spokesperson of farmers needs and pain points across the world when it comes to the health of soils.

Finally, the Biostimulants World Congress was also the occasion for Syngenta Biologicals to launch the Soil Health Project. The project, aimed at raising awareness on soil health and on the ecosystem of solutions, technologies and support offered by the Company in the field of soil health, was presented with an event hosted at the Syngenta Biologicals booth and entitled "Take Another Look: Syngenta Biologicals for Soil Health", in which several experts took the stage and discussed the reason why of the project and its most relevant features.

“We have been proud to participate actively in the Biostimulant World Congress, creating useful moments of discussion among industry players and stakeholders,” said Riccardo Vanelli. “Our desire to shape the future of agriculture passes through moments of participations like this one, where the top players in our industry reunite and put on the table their ideas to transform the agricultural sector. We, as Syngenta Biologicals, have been happy to play a role in this.”