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Syngenta Biologicals progresses in the Environmental Product Declaration of its products

Syngenta Biologicals has further progressed in the quantification of the environmental impact of its products by obtaining the EPD process certification for its plants in India and Brazil and extending the Environmental Product Declaration certification to 19 of its products manufactured across the three sites.

The Environmental Product Declaration is a voluntary, independently verified document that quantifies the environmental impact of a product or service along all its life cycle, and communicates it in a transparent and comparable way. As an objective tool to measure the changes in the physical and natural environment resulting from a given activity, it is a strategic instrument to take corrective or containing actions that result in performance with lesser impacts.

The project has its roots on the commitment to sustainability of Syngenta Biologicals and its legacy company Valagro, with the first achievement being the obtainment, in 2022, of the EPD process certification for the Atessa plant and the Environmental Product Declaration for 4 of flagship products manufactured there.

With this important step, Syngenta Biologicals reinforces its commitment to transparency and sustainability by communicating the environmental impact of a significant part of its portfolio, and aspires to further extend the scope of this certification in the years to come. Continuing on this path will allow the Company to gain deeper understanding of its environmental performances, with the aim of continuously improving its operations. Furthermore, this knowledge will also contribute crucially to laying the basis for a sustainability-oriented mindset embracing all the value chain.

The EPD certification is available on the Environdec portal. Further information is available on the dedicated landing page on the Syngenta Biologicals website.