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The new Careers section of Valagro Group is online

The Valagro website has a new area dedicated to recruitment and enhancement of human resources


Valagro, a leader in the field of biostimulants and nutritional specialities, has a new Careers section inside website.

The new area of ​​the corporate site offers potential candidates a chance to learn about vacancies and professional development opportunities offered by Valagro Group.

To demonstrate this, Valagro chose testimonials of excellence: its employees that, through brief VideoStories, will speak about their career path and the opportunity to grow inside the company.

"We chose to communicate through our employees because we believe that no one can help us better than them to convey a distinctive and effective corporate identity" explains Daniela Giorgino, Global Legal & HR Director of Valagro. “It is a choice that confirm from one side the value of human resources as founding principles of the group and on the other side highlights how much the talent could be enhanced through the growth inside the company. Our commitment to continue to grow proves it: today 23% of employees are aged between 25 and 35 years, a percentage expected to increase if we consider the 150 new hires we have planned during the 2016-2018 period globally".

The launch of the new area of ​​the website is part of an employer branding strategy that aims to attract the best candidates through different channels and communication tools, such as social media – LinkedIn in particular – and meetings with young candidates through job fairs and events promoted by universities and business schools.   

Valagro offers new graduates and postdocsa Graduate Talent Program, that aims to give them the opportunity to become part of an exciting and innovative work environment. Inside the website there is a special section dedicated to Graduate Talent Program where potential candidates can find out requirements, steps and activities of the program.