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The CEO of Valagro will give a keynote speech at IFA Global Stewardship Conference in New York

From February 3rd to 7th IFA Global Stewardship Conference is going to take place in New York, USA. This is the chance, for the professionals of this industry, to discuss about innovative stewardship measures, sustainability and understand expectations from UN agencies and the main NGOs, as well as to present innovations and investments in the field of environmental protection and climate change, to inform about finding results from the most recent UN reports.

The CEO of Valagro, Giuseppe Natale, will be in New York to attend the Conference and will be one of the speakers during the session on Sustainability Innovations.

Natale, member of the IFA Strategic Advisory Team and Convenor of dell’IFA Working Group on Special Products – International Fertilizer Industry Association, is going to make a keynote speech entitled “How Can Plant Biostimulants Help Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency and Meet Sustainability Objectives?” during the third session.

This is an opportunity strictly connected with Valagro’s mission for a sustainable agriculture and in accordance with the objectives outlined by UN.