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The 2018 edition of the Valagro Sustainability Report is online

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and other nutritional specialities, published its Sustainability Report 2018 today.
As with previous editions, you can read the Report online, and from this year, we've added it to the Quality and Environment section of the company website. The report is a decision we made in response to the need to make the Sustainability Report an increasingly transparent tool that's easy to find and consult: carrying on from previous editions, Valagro's decision to use sustainable channels to distribute these reports has been reaffirmed, as it allows us to use less paper for publication and is therefore in line with the purpose of the report, which is to promote Valagro's commitment to sustainability at every level of the company's activities.
In just a few clicks, you can learn about the main results regarding the social, economic and above all environmental performance of Valagro SpA for the year 2017. Amongst these, we'd like to highlight a positive trend in emissions containment, in particular with regard to greenhouse gases (170 kg of CO₂ per 1,000 kg of product), which is a continuous decrease compared to the 180 kg of CO₂ recorded in 2016 and 200 in 2015.
These values ​​are particularly significant when placed alongside the increased production that was also a feature of 2017 (+10.4% compared to 2016).
The wealth that's been generated and the value the company has shared with all its stakeholders is also increasing: in fact, the direct economic value distributed is up +15% compared to 2016.
Finally, from a social perspective, we'd like to highlight the increase in the number of younger employees - 21% of our new hires in 2017 were under 30 years of age - as well as the investment we've made to enhance and promote the growth of company resources by, for example, implementing the group performance management system (GPMS), whose primary objective is helping employees achieve excellent performance.