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Announcing Yaxe®, the joint venture between Valagro and e-Novia that aims at the digital farmers’ income enhancement for profitable and sustainable agriculture

Valagro, a leader in the development, production and commercialization of biostimulants and advanced nutrient solutions for crops, announces Yaxe®, a joint venture with e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory based in Milan, Italy. e-Novia has been recognized by the Financial Times and Il Sole 24 Ore as one of the fastest growing companies in their respective FT 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe and Leader of Growth 2020.

The new venture is focused on innovative digital solutions in agriculture to help optimize  crop inputs and resources at the farm level. In fact, the name Yaxe derives from the words Yield and A(x)cceleration and aims to support the decisions of farmers and other stakeholders in the value chain to improve farm profitability through sustainable agricultural practices. To achieve this goal, Yaxe  will offer highly innovative and effective products, as well as tools for ag-tech, i.e. cutting-edge technologies and services based on  digitalization of information.


Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro:

"Yaxe was conceived through  a combination of two fundamental ingredients:  the innovative mindset  that remains the hallmark  of Valagro, and e-Novia's expertise in creating and growing novel ideas into successful business entreprises.  For Valagro, Yaxe is a concrete advancement in the growth path the company has set itself on: to be the leader in the global agricultural input markets by offering  advanced nutritional products and value-added technology-based services that meet our farmers’ real needs".

Vincenzo Russi, CEO of e-Novia:

“Yaxe comes from a unique integration between the vision and open innovation approach of Valagro and the Enterprises Factory model of e-Novia. At Yaxe we develop innovative technologies and methods to augment the sensing capabilities of the actors involved in the agricultural ecosystem. The entrepreneurial project is one of our most concrete steps towards a more conscious use of the scarce and precious resources available on the planet".