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ActiWIN Line

The new frontier of the slow release

  • granules of uniform composition and particle size
  • high mechanical resistance to breakage of the granules, avoiding the formation of dust
  • release of nitrogen only when necessary
  • guarantee a balanced growth of the lawn and a greening effect in all environmental conditions without growth peaks, with a consequent reduction of the cutoff frequency of the lawn.


The ActiWIN line up is designed to ensure daily control of vegetative growth for a variating number of weeks, from 6 weeks to 9 months (See table of transfer times in the bottom of the product page).
The line up has 4 different titrations able to meet the nutritional needs of turf and ornamental in every vegetative stage.
In ActiWIN coexist at the same time slow-release nitrogen , ureic nitrogen and ammoniac nitrogen.
The simultaneous presence in ActiWIN products of different forms of nitrogen and micro elements ensure a constant nutrition supply for turf and ornamental lawns.
ACTIWIN Valagro Truf