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Fulvic 100

Fulvic Acids

  • EC Number: N/A
  • CAS Number: N/A


Fulvic 100 is a Leonardite solid extract, originated from the centenarian natural process of forest’s humification.
Fulvic acids combine with soil micronutrients and makes them more available for plants. They act as natural chelating agent, increase the H+- stimulate componets of the ATP and have a hormone-like activity on roots.
Fulvic 100 is ideal for the production of special soil conditioners but it can be used as raw material for high quality biostimulants and also as an NPK coater.
It’s miscible with a large variety of natural extracts and trace elements.

Organic matter: 72,5 %
Fulvic Acids: 32%

Analytical methods according to Italian GU, 26 June 2006, n° 21, DM 21/12/2000 n° 6

Packaging: 25 Kg