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6 SH

Iron chelated with EDDHSA

  • EC Number: 283-042-4
  • CAS Number: 84539-54-8


6SH is Iron (Fe) chelated with EDDHSA. Iron(Fe) plays an important role in Respiratoty process, Chlorophyll synthesis, Enzymatic activation, Enzyme structure (Nitrogenase, Nitrate reductase, Sulphate reductase, NADPH reductase). 6 SH thanks to its percentage of Iron (Fe) chelated by [o-o] EDDHSA is ideal for the production of fertilizer against Chlorosis.
The chelating agent EDDHSA in comparison with EDDHA has a greater range of pH stability.
Iron (Fe), water soluble: 6 %
Total chelated fraction: 100%
of which Iron (Fe), EDDHSA chelated: 3,2%

Analytical Methods according to Reg. EC 2003/2003, consolidated 04/07/2012

Packaging: 5Kg, 25Kg, 500Kg