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Dormancy breaker

  • It anticipates and standardizes the bud-breaking and ripening of grapes and cherry.
  • It reduces the number of blind buds and the number of harvest passes


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ERGER™ determines the satisfaction of the chilling units in table grape and cherry, reducing the disparities in the bud-breaking and flowering on the plant and among different plants. Erger® favours:

  • FOR CHERRIES - early and uniform ripening of the drupes;
  • FOR VINES - early ripening and reduction of ""blind"" buds, with a consequent increase in production.

ERGER™ must be used with ACTIV ERGER™ to support the plant's increased enzymatic activity. ERGER™contains inorganic nitrogen, mono-and polysaccharides, calcium and selected diterpenes.

Mineral Erger® activator.