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Valagro's 2019 Sustainability Report is online

Atessa (Chieti, Italy), 27 September 2019 – Valagro, a leader in the development, production and marketing of biostimulant and advanced nutrient solutions for cash and row crops, today publishes the updated edition of its Sustainability Report.

For the third consecutive year, the company is choosing to publish the Report on its website, making it transparent, easy to consult and sustainable – considering the reduction in consumption of paper used to publish and distribute the report – to promote its commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The Report illustrates the main results of Valagro SpA's performance in 2018. From an environmental point of view, among other things, it highlights the optimisation of greenhouse gas emissions, obtained in part thanks to its cogeneration plant. The installation of two gas turbines has made it possible both to produce electricity used throughout the facility and to recover heat from exhaust gases, to be used directly in the production plants. This has made it possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions by around 530 tonnes in 2018 (4,370) compared with 2017 (4,900). This is the result of Valagro's commitment to counteracting the causes of climate change and its firm determination to pursue this and other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, cited at the beginning of the Report.

From a social point of view, the Report also reports the positive effects of some welfare initiatives adopted at Valagro's Headquarters in terms of employee well-being and limiting environmental impact. It makes particular reference to the opening of the new company canteen which, along with an improvement in food quality, has made it possible to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic plates and bottles.