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With Valagro e-Hub, over 3,500 solutions for crop needs are now just a click away

Valagro, a leading company in the development and sale of biostimulants and other speciality nutrients, announces the opening of its solutions on e-Hub to registered users on the platform.

With just one click, customers, partners and farmers can access over 3500 solutions, available in English and in the languages of 15 local markets, quickly and easily using the mobile app and the website

This reinforces Valagro's ability to support farmers' decision-making by providing them with an increasingly versatile and easy-to-use tool to help them obtain more abundant, better quality and more sustainably sourced harvests. The solutions, carefully tailored to each market, offer information on how Valagro products are applied in each phenological phase of many different crops.

The idea behind e-Hub is to make Valagro's know-how on biostimulants and plant nutrition available to distributors, farmers, and users in general. On e-Hub, as well as solutions, you can find articles about agriculture written by Valagro experts, scientific publications in the Ag-articles section, a social section to share experiences in the field or ask for support, and a utilities section. What’s more, e-Hub is updated with new content every month.

Benoit Genot, Global Marketing and Development Director:
"We are delighted to be launching our solutions on e-Hub for all registered users: this is not only a matter of implementing a concept that underpins our daily operations, i.e. our customer focus; more broadly, this is about providing a tool that allows us to get closer to farmers to achieve the goal of creating increasingly productive and sustainable agriculture together".