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From sustainable water management to soil health: Valagro's commitment to sustainable agriculture at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit and the BioAg World Congress

The role of innovation and Valagro's Biologicals will be the focus of two digital global events in this March.

Atessa (CH), March 9, 2021 – Valagro, a leading company in the development, production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for crops, will take part in the two major global events dedicated to innovation in agriculture scheduled for March: the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit (March 9th and 10th) and the BioAg World Congress (March 15th-17th).

Tomorrow, the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit – the event which brings together large companies, research institutes, start-ups and policymakers in the sector and which this year features Valagro as a Platinum Sponsor – will see the CEO of Valagro, Giuseppe Natale, among the main speakers. In his speech "How are Biologicals Enabling the Concept of Sustainable Agriculture?" Natale will illustrate the role of these innovative solutions in revolutionizing the future of agriculture in favor of more sustainable agricultural production, and consequently a more sustainable approach to the way we produce the food that ends up on our tables.

One concrete example of Valagro's commitment to forging a sustainable future for people and nature is Talete, the star of Valagro's stand in the virtual exhibition area of the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit. Here, attendees will be able to access virtual content dedicated to Valagro's distinctive innovation approach and discover more about this biostimulant, developed as per our proprietary GeaPower® technology with the aim of promoting sustainable production both in conditions of adequate water availability and in conditions of permanent or temporary shortages.

Talete will also be the key focus of Valagro's virtual stand, together with Viva – the biostimulant that improves the efficiency of the rhizosphere and the vegetative productive balance – at the BioAg World Congress, the event that brings together the industry and the worlds of science and academia to discuss trends and technological advances in the field of Biologicals. Valagro is a Pioneer Sponsor of this year's event. The role of Biologicals in ensuring sustainable water management and soil health will be the central themes of session 2 of the Congress "Soil Health Revolution with BioAg and water management: A need not a choice", chaired by the CEO of Valagro, Giuseppe Natale. Following this, on March 16th, Valagro's Global Corporate Affairs Director, Marco Rosso, will speak at session 3 to provide a global overview of the regulation of the biostimulants sector.

Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro:
"I am proud to be able to represent Valagro at these two landmark events in our sector, which address the future of agriculture. For Valagro, the future of agriculture is now, because the sector must tackle urgent challenges to progress towards greater sustainability and resilience: global institutions are calling for it, farmers are calling for it, and ultimately all of us are calling for it as global consumers who are increasingly mindful of the sustainability of agricultural products and processes. In the face of these challenges, such as managing precious water resources in agriculture or improving soil health, Biologicals are tangible solutions, real innovations that will radically change agriculture worldwide".

Further information on Talete, Viva and other Valagro solutions is available on e-Hub.