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Valagro releases its new Corporate Video

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and other specialty nutrients, has released the new Corporate Video, dedicated to the theme of “Looking Beyond”.

The video, created in collaboration with the Italian creative studio TIWI, describes by pictures and impressions the world of Valagro and the driving force that fuels it: the desire to look beyond traditional agricultural solutions and to think outside the box.

“From the very day of its foundation, Valagro has challenged the status quo, imagining a future where sustainability would have been at the center of everything” says Marco Rosso, Global Corporate Affairs Director. “The capability of looking past the present, in 1980, gave us the boost of imagining a whole new concept of agriculture: productive, sustainable, tailored on the needs of the environment and its inhabitants. By this video, we didn’t want to celebrate what Valagro has become, its achievements and merits, but to remember that one thing that has given birth to everything: the will to look beyond what was already there, the courage to imagine things differently. This is our wish: to keep that sparkle alive and to help all of us use it to kindle a flame.”

The shooting took place in the Valagro Headquarters in Atessa, comprising its surrounding countryside, and in the Valagro PlantLab facilities in the Sant’Anna School of Pisa.

You can watch the video on Youtube, in the Italian and English version.