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Valagro has obtained the Environmental Product Declaration certification for 4 flagship products

Atessa, 15 December 2022 - Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and other specialty nutrients for crops, has obtained the Environmental Product Declaration certification for 4 flagship products manufactured in the Atessa plant: Master 20-20-20, Ferrilene, Viva, and Megafol.

The Environmental Product Declaration is a voluntary, independently verified document that quantifies the environmental impact of a product or service along all its life cycle, and communicates it in a transparent and comparable way. As an objective tool to measure the changes in the physical and natural environment resulting from a given activity, it is a strategic instrument to take corrective or containing actions that result in performance with lesser impacts.

The project has seen, as a first step, the Certification of the EPD process for the Atessa plant.  Subsequently, the EPD certification was obtained for the above four products manufactured therein, one for each most important category of the Valagro solutions: Water Soluble Fertilizers (Master 20-20-20), Trace Elements (Ferrilene) and Biostimulants (Viva and Megafol).

With this important step, Valagro has certified an already significant part of its portfolio. In the upcoming months, Valagro plans to extend the list of its EPD certified solutions, aiming to provide, by the end of 2023, a coverage of 2/3 of its portfolio.

The pursuit of the EPD certification continues a years-long journey in the multi-faceted field of sustainability for Valagro, and substantiates its commitment to a model of agriculture that conjugates productivity and respect for the environment. In fact, it will allow the Company to gain deeper understanding of its environmental performances, with the aim to continuously improving its operations. Furthermore, this knowledge will also contribute crucially to laying the basis for a sustainability-oriented mindset embracing all the value chain.

The EPD certification is available on the Environdec portal. Further information is available on the dedicated landing page on the Valagro website. In addition, the product files of the EPD certifies solutions can be openly browsed and downloaded.