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Feed your future, work with us

4 stages

which will allow us
to know you better
and assess your
professional profile.






The job applications received are evaluated in relation
to the current vacancies and contacted in order to assess interest
in the company and in the position.






The candidate shall then meet the Manager in charge of the position he/she has applied for, for an evaluation of his/her technical skills.
If the profile is considered suitable, at the end of the selection process the candidate will receive a job offer.

Recruiting and Selection

Joing the Valagro world means having the opportunity to work in a young, positive, dynamic, multicultural and highly collaborative environment.
Our selection process consists of 4 steps.







The applications are mainly collected on-line
through the “Career” page.






The first interview is with a Human Resources Specialist with the goal to better understand the characteristics of the candidate and to assess his/her technical skills in relation to the open position.

Learning and Development

The people who work with us play their role with competence, enthusiasm and passion and the training offered by the company is aimed at positively influencing the behaviors and at spreading a worldwide shared managerial style.

Valagro offers continuous opportunities to learn and to develop your individual potential.

Through the Induction Plan, everybody receives the information required to understand the organization, become aware of their role and have the tools to work effectively from the first day they join the company, both in HQ  and also  in the Subsidiaries.

The training activities are proposed on the basis of the specific development needs of the people and of the projects related to company growth. This was the  basis of the courses dedicated to the leadership building that – through both coaching and classroom teaching – have developed increasing awareness in the managers.
Special focus is always on the technical, specialist, language and safety training, to develop  skills  which complement the growth of the Group.

The professional development activities are based upon the Performance Evaluation process. No real value of the professionalism can occur unless the performance is clearly assessed.
Hence the promotion of a result-merit based policy, which impacts both the compensation and the career development.