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YieldON: Valagro's innovative biostimulant for the productivity of industrial crops officially presented to the Turkish market

The Tarım Teknoloji Günleri Trade Fair will host the launch in Turkey from the 23rd to the 26th of August

Valagro, a world leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, presents the new YieldON biostimulant to the Turkish agricultural market at the Tarım Teknoloji Günleri Trade Fair from 23rd to 26th August. Every year, the fair, organised by DLG Fuarcilik, hosts the best solutions and innovations in the industry, and welcomes thousands of farmers and local distributors.
During the event, the Valagro team with have its own stand (F1-F3), where it will present the features and benefits of this innovative Valagro solution for the nutrition of industrial crops.
YieldON is Valagro's specific response to the need to sustainably increase the productivity of industrial crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, rapeseed, sunflower and cotton. YieldON can improve the transportation of sugars and other nutrients, stimulate cell division, increase synthesis and, in the case of crops like soybeans, enhance the transportation of lipids. These are the functions YieldON is designed for, and that allow you to obtain significant increases in yields, for example, in the weight of seeds and their oil content.
These functions are guaranteed by the formulation of the new bio-stimulant, which is based on an innovative blend of plant extracts from Fucaceae (algae), Chenopodiaceae and Poaceae, created through the exclusive GeaPower technology platform, using a combination of cutting-edge research methods. In the field of genomics in particular, and especially in relation to the study of crops like soy and corn, we applied Next Generation Sequencing technique. This technique, together with phenomics and rigorous field testing procedures carried out internationally with some of the world's leading experimental centres, formed the basis of YieldON's innovation and effectiveness.  Several experiments conducted in Brazil have shown an average productivity increase of 13-15% compared to standard levels.
Gokhan Uzunoglu, Country Manager, Valagro Tarim:
"Crops like wheat, rapeseed, rice, barley, corn are of great importance on the Turkish agricultural market. Ensuring the productivity of these crops means assuring our distributors and farmers have the ability to best meet the demands and expectations of the market, and thus achieve a higher return on investment. Valagro has responded to the demand for increased productivity by creating YieldON, an innovative biostimulant, which can effectively combine high yields with crop sustainability - a distinctive feature of Valagro solutions."
The launch of Valagro's new biostimulant in Turkey was accompanied by a 1800 km national tour and several technical training sessions hosted in a number of cities across the country. The Valagro team met many farmers and distributors to illustrate all of the potential benefits of its new biostimulant.