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Valagro rewards the Best Growers of 2015

The best agricultural producers proposed by Platinum Valagro distributors will receive the coveted award for enhancing Valagro solutions

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, rewards excellence in agricultural production with Best Grower of the Year. These are the best agricultural producers chosen by Platinum distributors within 4 clusters in which the Group is present with its extensive distribution and sales network. They will receive the coveted annual award that rewards their ability to make the best use of Valagro solutions, evaluated on the basis of measurable parameters.

In the Europe cluster the title of "best grower" was presented, in collaboration with the Platinum distributor OOO AGRISOL, to the Ukrainian producer Yuri Andreev who was able to use in a professional manner Valagro solutions for the different stages of plant growth, achieving great harvests. Thanks to effectiveness of Valagro solutions such as MEGAFOL®, PLANTAFOL® and RADIFARM®, Mr. Yuri Andreev managed to collect 3 Mt/Ha on sunflowers, 6 Mt/Ha on corn, 2,5Mt/Ha of mustard and 4 Mt/Ha on oats and barley, outstanding results – for a total of 1200 hectares -  considering  the poor soil and unfavorable weather conditions of Luhansk region.

The Best Grower of the Year is an integral part of the exclusive range of services offered to top customers in the Valagro@yourservice. This is the service model that the Group adopted to achieve an ever growing customer engagement which is able to promote sharing and partnership more effectively than traditional sales targets and market strategies.

"We are really proud to be able to present this award to Yuri Andreev because his commitment is concrete proof of the value that we have been able to build with one of our best trading partners, OOO AGRISOL. At the same time, it is also a tangible sign of people's trust in Valagro and its innovative solutions" Mariano Martin, Head of Farm Business Unit Europe, commented. "This recognition means fully implementing the principle of customer focus, in other words the distinctive Valagro approach that aims to place the real needs of customers at the centre of business activities and strategies, to create increasingly innovative and effective responses".

The award was given on May, the 24th in Vinnytsia (Ukraine) at the Reikartz Hotel during an event attended by Mariano Martin, Head of Farm Business Unit Europe, Sebastiano D'Amico, Valagro's Crop Manager, Denis Mirgorod and Dmitry Mykhailiuk for AGRISOL, and some of the Yuri Andreev Best Grower 2015 employees.