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Valagro Best Growers 2017: the coveted award for the Asia Pacific area goes to New Zealand producer Freshmax

Valagro, a leading company in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, along with its Platinum distributors, have been awarding the new Best Growers of the Year award for the year 2017.
So, for the third consecutive year, the prize with which Valagro gives full recognition to the excellence of agricultural production in collaboration with its main distributors has returned. Through the Best Grower of the Year award, which is based on measurable and shared parameters, agricultural producers are selected from areas in which the Valagro Group operates (divided into Europe, Middle East, and Africa - EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific) and rewarded for their ability to make the most out of Valagro solutions.
Today, in Hastings, in the Hawkes Bay region, Valagro, in collaboration with the distributor PGG-Wrightson, awarded the Best Grower 2017 prize to the New Zealand producer Freshmax. The award ceremony for the Asia Pacific area followed that for the Best Grower 2017 for the Americas, which was recently awarded to the American producer Bonnie Brae Fruit Farms - USA, along with Platinum distributor, Helena Products Group.
In line with the aims of the Best Grower, with this award Valagro acknowledges the commitment of Freshmax in the valorisation of Valagro nutritional solutions, which are used to improve quality in the production of apples and pears for export to international markets, particularly North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Giampiero Sera, Head of the Pacific & Far-East Region for Valagro: "We are very proud to be awarding the Best Grower 2017 award to Freshmax. In doing so, today, we are expressing our esteem and gratitude to a great producer who, through our distributors PGG-Wrightson, has chosen, and continues to choose, our solutions because they consider them to be a guarantee of obtaining more abundant and better quality crops. It is no coincidence that to date, Freshmax is the main user of ERGER in the Oceanic region".