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At the Global R & D team meeting of Valagro, over ten highly innovative research projects were presented

At the meeting, held in Phoenix, Arizona, the researchers showcased their projects aimed at helping the crops to become more resistant to abiotic stresses, thus improving the quality and quantity of agricultural production

The Global R&D research team of Valagro, the leader in the production and marketing of bio-stimulants and nutritional specialties, explained the main guidelines for the development of research activities in the course of the meeting which concluded recently in Phoenix, Arizona.

Over 10 research projects were considered by the Valagro researchers. One aspect that best illustrates the strong commitment of the group in favour of scientific innovation is the investment in R & D, amounting to more than 4% of its annual turnover.
The driving force for innovation in Valagro is its collaboration with a large network of International research institutes and universities which includes, among others, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.
 “The projects presented in Phoenix and currently under development, come under innovative research for which Valagro is and will be committed - said Alberto Piaggesi, Global Research & Development Director, Valagro – activating and involving different "platforms" of research and experimental chemistry, agronomy, physiology and plant pathology, in addition to the new fermentation platforms".
The research projects involve an international team: 45 people spread between the Italian headquarters, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and New Zealand, and it is expected to perform 250 screening tests and 550 field trials.
Valagro therefore continues to put research and development at the forefront of its growth strategy in order to develop innovative and effective solutions for sustainable agriculture, while giving due importance to human health and the environment.

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