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Valagro Academy in Colombia 2016: meeting with the distributor Platinum Duwest

To create and share an extensive knowledge about the world of Valagro solutions for crop nutrition and biostimulants.

This is the goal of the event organised in Bogotá on 15th September as part of the Valagro Academy, in collaboration with the Platinum distributor Duwest Colombia. Numerous distributors from Peru and Ecuador were also in attendance, participating in order to expand Valagro's technical and scientific know-how.

During the meeting, researchers from the Valagro Global R&D Division faced many issues, from the utility of raw materials - and especially algae - which are an important source of biostimulants, to the mode of action on the physiology of plants investigated through omics sciences. Valagro researchers were also joined by academics and research experts, in particular Dr. Angelo Petrozza, Head of the Agronomic Services Unit of ALSIA - Metapontum Agrobios Research Centre, who explained the use of image analysis techniques in order to study the effect of biostimulants.