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Discover more about Valagro solutions for 2019

“Producing more with less”. This is the goal that has always been guiding Valagro in developing its solution which is dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, it’s a great approach taken by Valagro to create the brand-new farm solution catalogue.
Introducing, the new farm solution catalogue 2019 created with the aim of making it easier and quicker to find the best solution for the field use. It is designed in a smaller format which is very easily manageable and offers not only a wide range of in-depth product related information but also detailed results of the company’s experience in the field of plant nutrition and biostimulants.
Moreover, the edition’s special feature is the new segment introducing a collection of some  creative quality contents. The new catalogue is enhanced with photos collected from all over the world through an internal Photocontest, actively participated by Valagro internal employees for the first time which makes the new catalogues a grand success and unique.