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COVID-19: Valagro keeps manufacturing products while protecting the health and safety of workers

Due to the spread of new COVID-19 virus, the implementation of global health measures are now more and more strict in order to contain the virus and protect the public from further infection.

These necessary control measures have deeply changed our everyday lives with the new routine to be adapted to this new space with time.

Our new space is of social distancing, which seems to be unconquerable and wherer time feels to be longer, almost as if it is filling the empty spaces created by the distancing.

It is important to face this situation with a resilient spirit as much as possible. Indeed it is necessary to be responsible by being committed to respecting the indications received in order to decrease the number of infected and to take our lives back.

Valagro Group, attentive both to the needs of its customers and to well-being of its people, keeps producing and manufacturing products and, to do that, has put in place all the possible strategies to protect its workers’ health. In fact, from the beginning of March, office employees have beenworking remotely from home and the manufacturing workers have been provided with all the equipment needed to protect them from the possibility of infection.

We are sure that we are doing our part in preventing the infection and going back to a normal daily life, and we are confident that, with effort of every single person, we will be able to fight this common enemy.