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The 2017 Valagro Sustainability Report is online

Today Valagro is publishing its 2017 Sustainability Report.
New this year is the adherence to international standards, dictated by the Global Reporting Initiative – GRI, in line with the desire to improve the reporting of the social, economic and environmental impact of the company by adopting an internationally recognised tool.
Alongside this new methodology, there are many aspects of continuity with respect to the previous edition. This begins with the exclusively online publication of the budget on the dedicated Valagro4green website.
This choice emphasises the will of the company to continue to show its commitment to improving the sustainability of their products and production processes in a transparent and coherent way.
A commitment confirmed by some of the main results of the budget that needs to be assessed, in light of the increase in production that has led the group's growth in 2016: in the environmental context, dust emissions (-40% compared to 2015), as well as greenhouse gas emissions (180 kg CO2 per 1000 kg of product compared to the 200 registered in 2015), while the quota of recycled waste increases, equal to 88.4% (compared to 76% in 2015). From the generated and distributed wealth point of view, the direct economic value generated is +7% compared to 2015, while the direct value distributed is +9% compared to 2015. Finally, from a social point of view, one should consider investment in younger generations as an example:  (9 out of 22 new hires in 2016 are under 30) and commitment to community development through the support of many local organisations and associations.
"Our Sustainability Report is not just a choice that is consistent with the culture of sustainability we intend to promote at every level - said Marco Rosso, Global Corporate Affairs Director of Valagro - but it is also an act of responsibility and transparency vis-à-vis the community and all corporate stakeholders who will have access to the information contained in the Report in a simple and immediate way".
Besides the website, it is also confirmed that the main results of the budget are presented in a leaflet designed to optimise paper consumption and to consistently minimise the impact on the environment.