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The MC Line is a range of technical solutions based on active phytoingredients derived from the algae, Ascophyllum nodosum, obtained through specific extraction processes and developed with exclusive and distinctive GeaPower technology.

The right product is formulated for each stage of plant growth in order always to get the best, naturally.

MC EXTRA supports balanced plant growth to maximizing high quality crop yields. The high concentration of biomolecules, which also induces a “hormone like activity”, makes this product essential to ensuring the development of plant tissues and fruits.

MC CREAM helps plants utilize light energy more efficiently, with a consequent increase of the photosynthetic activity , a real advantage to increase qualitative and quantitative yield. Furthermore, biomolecules present inside MC CREAM stimulate cell division and distension, increasing the growth of plant organs and fruit.

MC SET is a biostimulant enriched with Boron and Zinc, specifically designed to stimulate and optimize  the physiological processes underlying flowering and fruit. The action of MC SET has a positive effect on fertilization and is continued during the stages immediately following setting.

For centuries, agricultural areas close to the Norwegian coastal zones have utilized seaweeds as a valuable source of organic matter and fertilizers for various soil types, and for many different fruit and vegetable crops.

Algea, a subsidiary of the Valagro Group, has been harvesting and processing Ascophyllum nodosum with great passion for over 80 years Our seaweeds are extracted with special care, following all the processing stages in order to protect the valuable components of the raw material.
Valagro aims to use the best part of Ascophyllum nodosum to create the effective technical solutions of the MC LINE.

Directions for use


    Application: Foliar

    Crops Application timing Rate
    FRUIT CROPS: STONE FRUIT From the beginning of fruit swelling 2-3 applications every 7-10 days  0,5-1 Kg/ha
    FRUIT CROPS: POME FRUIT  From the first petals falling 2-3 applications every 7-10 days 0,5-1 Kg/ha
    GRAPE - KIWI FRUIT  1st application: Bud - wool stage – Green shoot tips
    2nd application: visible bunches – Pre-flowering
    0,5-1 Kg/ha
    (tomato, pepper, aubergine, courgette, cucumber)
    From development of plant to flowering: application every 7-10 days 0,5-1 Kg/ha
    OTHER VEGETABLES Plant development. Applications every 10-15 days.  0,5-1 Kg/ha
    STRAWBERRY From vegetative recovery 2 applications every 7-10 days  0,5-1 Kg/ha
    FLOWERS From plant development to pre-flowering: applications every 7-10 days 0,5-1 Kg/ha
    ROW CROPS 1 application at vegetative development 0,5-1 Kg/ha



    Application: Foliar

    Crops Application timing Rate
    FRUIT CROPS: POME FRUIT 1st treatment: flowering 2nd treatment: fruit setting 2-3 treatments every 7-10 days   2-4 L/ha
    FRUIT CROPS: STONE FRUIT 1st treatment: Dying sepal crown 2nd treatment: from fruit setting, 2 applications every 7-10 days 2-4 L/ha
    POTATO From flowering-first tubers, 2 treatments every 7-10 days 2-3 L/ha
    VEGETABLES (cucurbitaceae - solanaceae) Applications starting from first trusses flowering every 7-10 days. Repeat at sudsequent flowering. 2-3 L/ha
    STRAWBERRY  2-3 applications starting from flowering 2-3 L/ha
    ARTICHOKE 2-3 applications starting from differentiation of the central flower head  2,5-3 L/ha
    INDUSTRIAL CROPS  1-2 treatments during the vegetative development  2 L/ha


  • MC SET

    Application: Foliar

    Crops Application timing Rate
    POME FRUITS Beginning of flowering/ flowering , 2 applications every 7 days 1-2 l / ha     150-200 ml / hl 
    STONE FRUIT CROPS Flowering, 2 applications every 5-7 days 1-2 l / ha     150-200 ml / hl 
    STRAWBERRY Pre-flowering 1-2 l / ha     
    VEGETABLE CROPS  Pre-flowering/flowering, 2 applications every 7-10 days  1-2 l / ha    
    ROW CROPS  Flowering  1-2 l / ha    


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Benefit Pz
  • Increases fruit size and improives uniformity, increasing fruit class.
  • Does not alter the consistency or longevity of the fruits.